We are grateful for the support of this year’s Host Committee (list accurate as of 3/22/19).

Theo Adamstein – TTR Sotheby’s
International Realty
Brittany Bansak
Christina Batipps
Jennifer Baxter & Naomi O’Grady
Martha Blalock & Chris Delucchi
Yolanda Cole
Ryan Dattilo
Jim Davis
Olvia C. Demetriou
Martin Ditto & Cami Wolff
Chad Drummond
Shamita Etienne-Cummings
Elissa & Tom Davidson
Ashley & J.K. Givens
Peter F. Hapstak
Lauren & Ben Hilyard
Elise Hoffmann & Chris Niemcziewski
Allison Johnson
Meredith Margolis &
Gary Goodweather
Sophia McCrocklin & Bill Isaacson
Mallory McDonagh
Dorothy Moss & Stockton Williams
Jessica & Ragan Naresh
Frederick P. Ognibene, M.D.
Mary Margaret & Scott Plumridge
Katharine & Lindsay Reishman
Devo Ritter & Mark Schjamel
Jim Ritter
Judy & Andrew J. Sherman
Jocelyn Sigue & Jair Lynch
Paul So
Terry Tracy
David Winer, Eatwell DC

Host Committee members have purchased four or more tickets and get early-entry to the event. Tickets are $250/each through April 3, and $325/each after. If you have questions about joining the Host Committee, please call/email Ashley McDonald, Relationship Manager, at 202.234.7103 x0 amcdonald@wpadc.org.